A Range of Treatments to Suit You.

More and more, people are getting into their 50s and 60s with all their teeth intact, albeit with a few fillings. Tooth decay no longer wipes out teeth like it used to, but also, you get to keep your teeth longer because dentistry has got better at finding ways to restore them. Treatments vary from patient to patient, and here at Archway Dental Group, we like to think that your oral health can be improved, by offering expert care and a personal treatment plan, prescribed just for you.  We can also look at teeth whitening and other enhancements.

Restorative dentistry in London is not just about replacement teeth in the form of dental implants, dentures and bridges, it’s about everything that restores your teeth from that first tiny filling, through the larger inlays and onlays, to the crowns. All of these play their part in keeping your teeth going.

Even with the advent of dental implants, there is nothing that does the job of a natural tooth quite like the natural tooth itself. Yes, we can make crowns out of porcelain that look just like the tooth you lost, and yes, we can mount it on an implant and people are amazed at how much they look like their real teeth – however, we like to use minimal intervention, and work with your natural set, when at all possible.

It is better always to hang on to your natural teeth. You need the roots you see. That’s why, no matter how badly damaged the crown of your tooth may be, if the root is strong and healthy, we will always try every kind of restoration before we extract your tooth. Tooth roots play a vital role not only in chewing, but also in keeping your jawbone strong and healthy. Without your roots, it quickly starts to deteriorate.

Trust us, we have years of experience and promise to always offer you a treatment which is tailored and personalised to you and your oral health.  Click here to view a full list of treatments and prices.
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