New Patients First Appointment

NHS Registrations have now been paused, but don’t let this stop you from seeing a dentist.

We are welcoming new patients of all ages to the practice to try and ensure everyone can be seen.

On your first visit as a new patient, you will undertake a new patient examination, which will allow us to check your teeth and gums, assess your soft tissues, glands, and jaw and discuss your medical history and general health to enable us to understand you and your goals.

Overall, on this first visit, we want to get to know you and understand what it is you want from your dental treatment, your expectations, and your hopes. We always want to ensure you feel happy and confident that you are getting the treatment you feel is right for you.

It’s so easy to register at Archway Dental Practice. All you have to do is contact reception or email us to .

Archway Dental Group welcomes Babies and Children

Caring for your child’s teeth properly will help develop and maintain good oral hygiene and ensure they grow-up with healthy gums and teeth. Discover everything you need to know about children’s oral and dental health.

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