It is very common and we see many patients who are struggling with breathing or obstructive sleep/snoring. Please do not suffer in silence, the good news is, that there is substantial evidence to show that custom made intraoral appliances worn in the mouth at night can greatly help reduce snoring.


By preventing the lower jaw from dropping back, these oral mouth devices can prevent the closure of airways to prevent snoring. This is tailored to you, and we would need to see you so we can fit an oral device, however, we know that these are highly successful and have helped countless people and their partners get better fuller sleep.

It is a relatively straight forward procedure;

The mouthpiece is made for you by taking an impression of your teeth, this custom fit will ensure it fits more comfortably.

The oral mouthpiece is worn during sleep and will hold the jaw in place to prevent snoring. This will open up your airways allowing better breathing and a better night’s sleep.

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