When Should I see The Dentist

Don’t Put It Off! Book In To See Us Every 6 Months.

Our dentists regularly treat patients who have not been to the dentist for some time, and have been forced to find care due to pain, cracks, missing teeth and or bleeding/unhealthy gums.  We understand life is busy, but seeing your dentist should be at the top of your list, it is crucial for the health of your mouth, your teeth and your wellbeing. Archway Dental Group welcome all emergency patients to the clinic and will work hard to save those teeth, in order to preserve and restore. BUT…if you see us before you experience pain, and regularly every six months, your teeth, and your mouth will stay happy and healthy and there will never be a need for those emergencies again; PLUS you keep pain away, and tooth pain is one of the worst. Just twice a year can prevent this pain. Do not wait for pain to signal a trip to the dentist – we know if we see you regularly, the chances are you will keep your own teeth intact for longer and bad breath and gum disease at bay is much higher, and as the old saying goes…prevention is better than cure.

So Why Should You Visit Every Six Months?

Instant Detection Early detection right at the early stage is key to preventing long term issues. Oral health is a long-term process and starts with you at home, brushing, flossing and keeping a check on the sugar and in-between snacks. Teeth Cleaning A complete check-up with Archway Dental Group means not only are we looking out for problems, or early issues, we are also providing advanced teeth cleaning during your visits. A scale and polish to remove stubborn plaque build-up. Oral Health Poor dental hygiene can lead to many health problems and must be monitored through your dental checks. Our dentists are highly trained to detect and treat oral complications to prevent infectious bacteria in your breath reaching your bloodstream. There has never been a better time to book an appointment, and we are open later on Mondays and Wednesdays to make it even easier. Shape Up, See Your Dentist Every Six Months. Book Your Appointment.