General Dentistry

Prevention is at the heart of everything we do. Nothing beats a healthy smile and we are here to help you maintain it.

Our general dental services include:

  • Routine Examinations
  • Root Canal Treatments
  • Tooth Removal / Repair
  • Composite Restorations
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Filling & Restorations

A filling or restoration may be needed if you have a cavity in the tooth or if you have tooth decay. It is vital to have the cavity repaired to prevent any further damage, to save the tooth and prevent any further pain and discomfort.

The most common type of filling is made from a composite (white) material. These tooth-coloured restorations are virtually invisible and look like part of your natural teeth. With the newest materials and science, technology allows the skilled dentist to bond the composite material to your own tooth making the tooth even stronger.

Many of our patients are now choosing to have their Amalgam (silver) fillings replaced with the tooth coloured composite material to achieve a more natural appearance. All composite fillings, inlays and onlays are matched to your own tooth colour and shade.

Root Treatment

Root canal treatment is normally performed when the roots and tissue within the tooth have become infected, and to prevent any further infection in the surrounding area and from any abscesses forming.

What are the symptoms of Root Damage?

  • Problematic and persistent toothache
  • Any kind of tenderness or swelling in the gums around a particular tooth
  • Any particular tooth that appears darkened or discoloured over a period of time.

How can root treatment help?
Through root canal treatment, our highly skilled dentists will remove the infected tissue and disinfect the area using Ozone Sterilisation Therapy. This will stop any further infection from forming and spreading, and allow you to retain your natural teeth.

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