After many 5 star reviews recently, we have had a huge influx of enquiries for hygienist appointments with our amazing Hygienist team, headed by Nadia.  So many so, we are dedicating a whiole day solely for Dental Hygiene Appointments.

Dental Hygiene Open Day

Over 8000 people were diagnosed with #mouthcancer last year, just in the UK.
That’s more than #cervicalcancer and #testicularcancer combined!

We check our boobs, we check our balls, and it’s SO important to check our mouths too.
Do you know that, when caught early enough, the survival rate of mouth cancer can be over 80%? That’s good odds!

This is why checking your own mouth for just a couple of minutes each month will allow you to spot anything unusual, and could save your life. It’s also advised that you see a professional, like a hygienist, every 6 months to check the health of your mouth too. They not only scale and polish your teeth and look for signs of cavities etc, but they importantly also screen for signs of oral cancer or other serious oral diseases.

Our Hygienist Day at our practice in London will take place on Sunday 24th March.

Did you know the importance of regularly visiting a dental hygienist?
They don’t simply clean and #scaleandpolish your teeth they specialise in non surgical oral hygiene and preventative dental care, examining for signs of #dentaldiseases such as; #gingivitis, #periodontitis, #oralcancer and more.

#Hygienists have a super important role in preventive dentistry, detecting early signs of any issues with your teeth, gums and overall oral health.
Catching #cavities, #gumdisease, root canals, broken fillings and oral #cancer early could help to provide more treatment options before it’s too late; preventing tooth extraction or more serious future health implications.

If you’ve never been to a hygienist, or are currently struggling to get into a dentist, like so many, come and see us and we can healthcheck your teeth, clean them and give you important oral advice too.

Call 020 7272 6818 or email us on reception@archwaydentalgroup.co.uk to snap up a spot!