Good oral hygiene and dental health care doesn’t just give you that healthy, white smile; it’s an important part of your daily healthcare routine too, and is far more important than you might first realise.
Daily brushing and regular flossing can help prevent bad breath, tooth decay and gum disease; it can also help you keep your natural teeth in good condition as you get older – which can prevent early replacement.
More than that, a regular dental check-up can ensure detection of any issues in their early stages to prevent serious problems later down the line.

Routine and Regular

Regular brushing and preventative dental care are vital in keeping your teeth and gums healthy, so here at Archway Dental Group we help you schedule your regular appointments by inviting you back for your 6 monthly routine check-ups, making sure that your teeth, mouth and gums are well cared for. By having regular appointments your dentist is able to identify problem areas earlier, making them easier to treat and prevent further complications or serious health issues being missed.  We always say that visiting us every 6 months will keep your mouth clean and healthy.

Disease Detector

By examining your mouth our dentists don’t just look for tooth decay. Our friendly dental team are experienced in carrying out a thorough examination of your mouth, tongue, lips, gums and neck. As well as caring for your teeth and gums, we will be monitoring your health and looking for signs of other potential illnesses: heart disease, oral cancer, vitamin deficiencies, osteoporosis, diabetes and tooth grinding are examples of some health problem detectable by our dentists.

Current Techniques

During your appointment with us we can keep you up to date with other treatments available that will compliment your dental appointment, for example an appointment with our Hygienists can thoroughly clean and polish your teeth and gums. We can show you the best brushing and flossing techniques to help you prevent the build-up of plaque that can lead to tooth decay and gum disease. We can also look at brighter, whiter teeth with out at home ZOOM whitening treatment.

Prevention is Better than Cure

We take great pride in the highest standard of dental care we provide for, an essential part of dental hygiene is to try and prevent any dental or oral problems before the occur. A few guidelines for you to follow for good dental hygiene are: regular appointments to our dental practice, brush at least twice daily and floss after meals, eat fresh healthy foods, and avoid sugary food, drinks and snacks.

We have appointments available 9am to 5pm 6 days a week, with extended opening hours on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.
For those needing a Saturday appointment due to work/family commitments, we can offer you 10am to 3pm.

If you would like to book an appointment with us for your regular dental check-up or any of the treatments we provide then please call 0207 272 6818 or click here to book an appointment online.
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