Our bathrooms are full of items that create a lot of waste and are difficult to fully recycle once we’ve finished using them.  Think of plastic shampoo bottles. toilet roll tubes and empty shower gels and lotions.

Cleaning your teeth is no exception, both toothbrushes and paste are tricky to recycle and cause an emourmous amount of wasted plastics.
Disposable plastic toothbrushes are a huge problem for the environment, but recyclable toothbrushes such as bamboo toothbrushes are now readily available on the market for those of us trying to make better zero-waste choices.

According to Georganics, “we dispose around 250 million empty toothpaste tubes” every year in the UK, and as toothpaste tubes are typically made of non-recyclable plastic, this is a huge problem for the environment as they can take around 450 years to decompose.

ARCHWAY NOW OFFER TOOTHPASTE RECYCLING to help fully recycle your squeezable toothpaste tubes.
Simply pop them in the recycle box situation in reception and we will take care of the rest.

Recycle Your Toothpaste Tube

Let’s hope that these kinds of recycling boxes will  become more common throughout the UK