Healthy teeth, gums and a perfect smile are a great natural asset, so it makes sense to give your mouth and teeth the best dental care possible.
Here at Archway Dental Group in Islington we can help you look after your own teeth and keep them looking healthy and bright for a lifetime.
Along with the regular treatments provided at Archway Dental Group it is very important that you keep up a good oral care routine at home to keep your teeth and gums healthy.
Brush and Floss
The first easy advice we can offer is to get into a regular routine of brushing your teeth twice a day; using a fluoride toothpaste, brush first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Brushing your teeth carefully and thoroughly helps reduce the build-up of plaque and removes any remnants of food; this will stop your gums from becoming inflamed and swollen, potentially becoming infected which can lead to gum disease.
Here at Archway Dental Group we recommend using an electric toothbrush as they are effective and gentle on your teeth and gums, however a traditional manual toothbrush used effectively can also produce great results.
Cleaning between your teeth with floss at least once a day will remove any small pieces of food from in-between the teeth that if left, will decay, possibly causing gum disease and or bad breath.
Eat Well
Maintaining a well-balanced diet and sticking to good healthy eating habits will help shield your teeth from possible damage or decay. Try to steer away from sugary foods and drinks; bacteria from plaque uses sugar to attack the enamel surface on your teeth, causing decay and cavities that will need dental procedures to halt the damage. Choosing water, fresh fruit and vegetables is a much better option for your teeth.
Keep Hydrated
Saliva is our first line of defence against tooth decay and halitosis. Staying hydrated by drinking small amounts of water throughout the day will help support your saliva’s battle with bacteria. An occasional glass of milk is also recommended as milk contains calcium and phosphates which are great for your teeth. Remember, avoid sugary drinks or too much fruit juice as these all contain natural, added or hidden sugars, which can cause tooth decay and discolouration. 
Regular Dental Check-Ups
Most important of all, is that you maintain regular routine check up visits with us here at Archway Dental Group. We welcome you at every visit and invite you for twice yearly appointments. Not only is it a great opportunity to have your mouth and teeth examined, health checked and thoroughly cleaned, if you do have a plaque or tartar build-up, this can be removed by our dental team.
Any potential problems can be treated before unnecessary damage is caused to your teeth.  This regular, preventative way of keeping your natural teeth will cost you much less in the long run and ensure your mouth remains healthy and clean.
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