Dental Implant Consultation.

If you would like to discuss your suitability, have questions about implants, or would simply like further information,
we have consultations available on Friday 22nd March. Please get in touch to book here.

There are a number of reasons why you might be missing teeth or tooth, perhaps age, or decay, or even breakage.
Without teeth your face can become sunken and change shape and you might also find it difficult to chew, bite and eat.

Dental ImplantsDental implants are now a well-accepted way of replacing missing teeth and or restoring gaps in your mouth. They also act to retain bone structure, preventing bone loss.

Our oral surgeon Dr. Jaume Escoda Francoli will discuss your suitability and take time to understand your mouth and any areas of concern.  He can also look at your mouth and discover options most suited to you and your expectations.  This is a complimentary service.

Dental Implants are safe and highly regarded as a cost effective, long lasting natural replacement, placed directly into your jawbone, they fix firmly and will not move.
The options are to replace one missing tooth, and or to work with crowns, bridges and dentures to replace more than one tooth and a stable, strong restoration.

Dr. Jaume Escoda Francoli is our oral specialist surgeon, who is a positive, energetic and friendly third generation dentist, deeply specialising in Oral Surgery, Periodontics, and Implantology.

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