Myths about teeth

Everyone knows that their oral health is important, but how about the common myths that we all hear –
lets take a look at the 5 most popular dental myths and give you the real lowdown on the best way to keep your mouth clean, happy and healthy.

To take better care of your teeth, it’s important to get the facts.
Are any of these myths affecting your oral health or general wellbeing? rest assured Archway Dental Group can help – we are with you all the way.

1. Only sugar  causes tooth decay…

Of course eating too much sugar does increase your risk of tooth decay (dramatically) however, there are many other factors and things we do which can cause weakened enamel or plaque-creating bacteria in your mouth.   We you eat sugar, it feeds the bacteria causing it to multiply and increasing the acids which wear away the surface of your teeth.  Even drinking sugar free fizzy drinks will cause this, as the acids in these drinks will do just the same thing. The good news is that by brushing regularly each day, and flossing two to three times per week, you rid of these nasties and keep teeth looking, feeling and standing stronger.

2. The harder you brush, the better for your teeth…

We’ve all been there, choosing a hard bristle brush, scrubbing and scrubbing past the 3 minute window and feeling we need to ‘polish’ and scrub each tooth.  This actually will damage the natural protection and make-up of the teeth – and can actually harm them by eroding the hard enamel that we need to protect the tooth from acids and bacteria.  Brush regularly, with a gentle, soft-bristled toothbrush and some good quality fluoride paste.

3. Gum disease is for unhealthy mouths, and people who do not brush.

Everyone is at risk of gum disease and the truth is, that your mouth and it’s oral health can tell a million tales –
A dentist is able to diagnose a number of related issue with your health and wellbeing, just by looking in your mouth.  Issues such as diabetes as well as certain cancers can all be related to inflammation in the mouth.
Always see your dentist regularly to ensure problems or such issues are diagnosed early and this makes treatment much easier and less complicated.

4. No pain, no checkup needed.

Your mouth is the window to your body and can identify many issues, on many occasions with no symptoms, pain or inflammation. It is crucial to see your dentist every 6 months to ensure your gums, teeth and mouth are all in the best condition. Cavities are often left untreated and this can lead to losing a tooth.  Gum disease can often present bigger and more complicated health issues. Please see your dentist regularly, they are trained to ensure your mouth is healthy.

5. It’s too late for me, my teeth are crooked, and there is nothing I can do.

Dentists feel frustrated to hear this, as there is always a solution which can enhance, and correct even the oldest mouth/teeth.  Although it’s common for children and teens to receive orthodontic treatment, more and more adults are taking the step and seeing truly dramatic results.  It is never too late, your smile is on show, wear it proud and feel confident in your own skin.

Keeping healthy can help keep the mouth healthy, and keeping the mouth healthy may also help keep the body healthy too.

Archway Dental Group are an experienced dental team who are always on hand to help, smile correction is what we do best.

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