Want a whiter smile without a costly treatment?

Tooth whitening can be a very effective way of lightening the natural colour of your teeth without removing any of the tooth surface. Try White Dental Beauty Teeth Whitening gel, which is recognised for high quality proven results, for instantly brighter teeth, removing surface stains. Here at Archway Dental Group we use ZOOM a gentle and safe tooth whitening gel that has been formulated to help reduce sensitivity when whitening your teeth.

Causes of tooth discolouration

Your teeth can discolour or become dull for a number of reasons, and this is very common. These include:

1. Coffee/ tea/ red wine or berries
2. Poor oral hygiene
3. Smoking
4. Your age


There is help at hand, and this treatment is safe, even for the most sensitive teeth.
The advanced whitening gel is light-activated and the intensity will be adjusted to suit your comfort levels. The gel has been specially formulated to ensure the bleaching agent is activated by the light to remove any stains and whiten your teeth by up to several shades.

Teeth Whitening

Special Offer Price:  £179

Dentist approved whitening system featuring NOVON® technology, the gels are suitable even for sensitive teeth.

Price to include, consultation and check-up, permanent moulded trays and 4 teeth whitening gels.
Free consultation included and always advised.
Discounted price available for a limited time

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