Facial Botox

This non-surgical procedure dramatically improves your appearance by relaxing the muscles at the inner part of the eyebrow and the forehead preventing your frowning action.

This technique, in the trained hands of our experienced nurse practitioners, smooths the wrinkles and furrows of your brow caused by certain facial expressions.

The anti-wrinkle injections can be applied to forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet or eye wrinkles, to give a natural anti-aging effect.

For best results, the anti-wrinkle injection position is critical, because of this, Archway Dental Group only allow our anti-wrinkle injections to be administered by an experienced accredited nurse practitioner, who is aware of the anatomy of the face, position of facial muscles, and also the depth into which the relaxant must be applied.

This procedure can be carried out even during your lunch hour and you will be able to drive home or to work immediately after treatment.

Special Offer Price

3 areas of Botox worth £270 for the price of 2, if booked before the end of November

Free consultation included and always advised.
Discounted price available for a limited time

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