Of course!  Your dentist is a trained doctor after all, and one that understands and is equipped to balance both the aesthetic and medical aspects of the treatment.  That should give you great assurance that you are in safe hands.

Dentists are the real facial professionals, medically trained to understand the facial anatomy, and to give advice, and diagnosis to patients on anything to do with the face, you can trust Joanna at Archway Dental Group to deliver natural, and long-lasting results from chin to forehead. Dr Joanna Boland, our principal dentist has a unique advantage when assessing your goals and esthetics of the face, as she is already able to administer anaesthesia throughout her dental career, Joanna has had further training and specialist experience administering full facial aesthetics to balance and regain a more youthful and firmer appearance.

Your frown lines and crow’s feet can become things of the past thanks to this muscle relaxing treatment. This non-surgical procedure dramatically improves your appearance by relaxing the muscles at the inner part of the eyebrow and the forehead preventing your frowning action.

This technique, in the trained hands of our experienced dentist, smooths the wrinkles and furrows of your brow caused by certain facial expressions.

This procedure can be carried out even during your lunch hour and you will be able to drive home or to work immediately after treatment.

1 area of Botox charged at – £125.00

The anti wrinkle injections can be applied to forehead wrinkles, crows feet or eye wrinkles, to give a natural anti aging effect.
For best results, the position of the anti wrinkle injection is critical, because of this, Archway Dental Group only allow anti-wrinkle injections to be administered by an experienced accredited dental practitioner, who is aware of the anatomy of the face, position of facial muscles, and also the depth into which the relaxant must be applied.

Facial Botox Results           

These images demonstrate the effects of treatment for temporary relaxation of lines and wrinkles of the forehead.
Reduction in the frown lines after wrinkle relaxing injections to the frown muscles.

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